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Aachen Industrial Park

The Aachen industrial park is situated at Charlottenburger Allee 50-60 and has a plot area of around 16,634m², which consists of three separate building sections. Together, these sections have 12,157m² of usable space available.  The oldest of the three buildings contains a 3,774 m² modern wareh...

Charlottenburger Allee 50, 52068 Aachen, Germany
Babenhausen Warehouse and Logistics property

The Babenhausen warehouse and logistics facility in Ostheimer Weg 3-7 sits on a 33,459 m² plot. The two-storey building consists of 15,828 m² of usable building space divided into 908 m² of office space, and 14,783 m² of warehouse and logistics space. The storage areas have an eaves height of be...

Ostheimer Weg 3, 64832 Babenhausen, Germany
Bad Schönborn Industrial Park

With a total area of 28,863 m², the commercial park at Ewald-Renz-Straße 1 consists of seven predominantly one-storey buildings, offering an overall building area of 9,437 m². Of this amount, 1,190 m² are allocated as office space and 8,194 m² of storage and logistics space. The warehousing fac...

Ewald-Renz-Straße 1, 76669 Bad Schönborn, Germany
Barsinghausen Department Store

The former inner-city department store situated at Marktstraße 49 currently stands on a land area of 3,914 m² and has a building area of 4,397 m² consisting of retail stores and a gym.

Marktstraße 49, 30890 Barsinghausen, Germany
Bergkamen Manufacturing Site

This property at Industriestraße 20 is one of the main production sites of the ‘Bulten’ company which primarily produces screws for the automobile industry. The plot area is 31,236 m², and of the total 15,715 m² of building space, 1,555 m² of office and social space are available. The remain...

Industriestraße 20, 59192 Bergkamen, Germany
Berlin Holzhauser Markt Industrial Park

‘Holzhauser Markt’ industrial park on Holzhauser Straße has a building area of approx. 54,839 m² on a plot area of 131,908 m². A total approximate area of 4,348 m² office space and 36,267 m² for retail and production areas as well as storage and logistics space are available. The historical...

Holzhauser Str., Berlin, Germany
Miraustraße Berlin Industrial Park

This listed property is located at Miraustraße on an 11,622 m² plot. It consists of three separate halls and has a building area of 8,698 m² which is distributed between 1,114 m² of office space and a further 7,194 m² of warehouse and logistics areas. Efficient delivery to and from the sprinkle...

Miraustraße 38, 13509 Berlin, Germany
Motzener Straße Logistics Property Berlin

This warehouse and logistics facility located at Motzener Straße 36-38 offers an extremely versatile property with a plot area of 38,374 m². The 19,010 m² building area is distributed between 1,077 m² of office space as well as 17,254 m² of warehouse and logistics space. The warehouses are heat...

Motzener Str. 36, 12277 Berlin, Germany
Porchestraße Logistics Property Berlin

This property is located at Porschestraße 4-20 and sits on a 25,811 m² plot. The warehouse and logistics space encompass a building area of 16,949 m², of which 12,693 m² are used for storage and logistics space, and 3,148 m² for office space. The eaves height of the warehouses is approx. 11m an...

Porschestraße 19, 12107 Berlin, Germany